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Its a good app but we cant delete a station in the bookmark because the app crash...


Funktion nix iPhone!


Sorry, I kept getting a "Request did failed" when I try to search for a station.

Cant live without this app

To sum up, the only app you need to navigate the public transit network in Germany. From underground to buses to inter-city trains, you get directions including transfers and which track the train is leaving from. Looks for your nearest stops via GPS. Just awesome, the most useful app on my phone. It would be nice, when showing the list of nearby stops, to indicate what kind of services (U-Bahn, S-Bahn, Bus etc.) stop there, to hep pick a better one.


Krass! Thats an Application with capital A!!!

Near perfect German public transit 511

Excellent display, valuable information if youre travelling in Germany. Almost as good as the 5-star program on my Palm that allows you to add as many cities as you like.


Wheres the app for the bahn.de site ?


If you could save cities, and then page over to see the destinations of a chosen train this application would be ideal. I hope that some dag the US train network will be extensive enough to merit this app. Oh and the platform would be icing on the cake.

Perfect, only bookmarks are missing...

Perfect little app. I just miss the ability to add bookmarks of often used places. Alternatively, a "recent" list would suffice.


Great app! I travel to Germany every couple months and this was a real treat to use instead of logging in to the DB site. Wish it would let you "see" a little further into the future. Maybe four hours instead of one. A must have travel app.

Very good, but

Hi, this app is awesome... It is super fast and easy... Just two change requests please... how about support for rotation? and cd u please add the main locations for trains in an easy way... the end location of the train is not always the target you are searching for...

A must have for train travellers in Europe is even getting better!

What I did not realise is that it seems to work with trains all over Europe. I tried trains in Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Spain, and it always came up with the relevant times from each station. It is a perfect app which tells you the next train. It is so good that you dream about more functionalities such as bookmarking your favourite stations, knowing the platform a train leaves from, or even clicking on a train/destination and see the stations in between and the times. But this is a perfect app UPDATE: Bookmarking and platform info makes this incredibly useful app even better. I love it!

Unbelievably good

I now regularly use this application for inner-city traveling in Berlin. Its an absolutely smart application, giving me easy access to my favorite routes. If I would improve anything about it, it would be some method of narrowing to a specific mode of transport: one bus of the several that pick up at a certain busstop for example. But, hey, I aint complaining -- this is a WONDERFUL application.

New update is awesome!!!

It finds all the stops near your current location and tells you how far they are. A great program!


This application not only works perfectly, it also shows updated information about platforms, delays etc. Im impressed, it knows every bloody busstation in Hamburg, Germany, the city I live in. Keep those really useful apps coming...!


There are many apps and websites but none does the job so elegant. Version 1.9 is the bomb...you get all the the train stations/metro/bus stops nearby and travel recommendations within two clicks. Works perfect, thanks !!

Best train travel scheduler ever

Perfect for finding train connections, S-Bahn and U-Bahn, and buses. Includes not only timetables, infos on delays etc but also a trip planer. This is my most frequently used app on the road.

Just works

Fast, accurate and gets the job done. Interface is confusing for such a simple app and needs some work. I would suggest having an appstore/utube-like GUI with a set of icons in the bottom that gives direct access to various functionalities; search, bookmarks etc.

Best App on my phone

Great app really. How do I donate? :)

Cooles prograemmchen

Grafik net so toll, aber inhaltlich super

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